Car Accident Claims

Impartial advice about how to make car accident claims in the UK can be hard to come by. Most information is provided either by solicitors who are looking for your business, or by government agencies who are used to corresponding with lawyers and do not know how to explain the process to ordinary people. On this site, we aim to provide accurate but concise information, covering all of the steps you need to take to successfully pursue car accident claims in the UK courts. Click on the links below for more information.

First Steps After An Accident

Your road to a successful claim begins at the accident site. Whilst it might be difficult to keep your composure, remember that you may need to prove your claim later. Make sure that you have noted down the details of the other participants in the accident, the time, the place, the weather, and other such information.

Types of Injuries Covered

Many people believe that road accident claims can only cover certain types of physical injuries. In fact, many different types of injuries can be claimed for, as well as damage resulting from the injury and, in some cases, the psychological impact of the accident.

Levels of Compensation

It is important that anyone making a claim in the UK courts has a realistic idea of the compensation levels associated with a win for their case situation. This is particularly important if your claim is likely to be subject to a settlement offer.

The Claims Process

Many non-lawyers are intimidated by the technical sounding terms used in the legal process. What is a pre-action protocol? What forms do you need to fill in to ensure your claim goes forward? Go to our claims process page to learn more about procedures and protocols that a car accident claim involves.

Self Representation

Although there are many specialist personal injury solicitors who will be looking for your custom, it is still possible for you to represent yourself throughout the process, and even in court as a ‘litigant in person’. Learn more about initiating a claim yourself.

Car Accident Law Firms

If you decide to choose between one of the many car accident solicitors, we are here to guide you through the competing adverts and assertions. You should be looking for a No Win No Fee firm with a solid track record, good customer service and, ideally, one which is recommended by a friend or family member.

Car Insurance

The ways in which your car insurance and that of the other participants in the accident interact can be confusing. Your insurance company may demand that you use a particular firm of solicitors, suggest that your no claims bonus is at risk if you pursue action, or allow you to get on with the process yourself without their involvement. Know your rights, obligations and expenses in this section.

Need More Help?

There are many organizations that provide free information and advice on car accident claims. Want to avoid the most common mistakes made by claimants? Looking to find the best car accident claims solicitor for your case? Visit the links below.

Car Accident Claims Resources

Road Traffic Act 1988
Complete text of legislation detailing driving offences, road safety provisions and accident liabilities.

Law Centres Network
Law Centres are independent not-for-profit entities that offer legal advice, casework and representation to individuals and groups. They are accountable to their communities, with local people acting on their management committees.

Legal Aid
Legal aid can help you pay for legal advice, mediation or representation in court if you can’t afford it.

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